iOS7Chris Marsh at Yankee has posted a timely piece today, on the impact of iOS7 in the enterprise – Enterprises Must Prep for iOS 7.

Additional iOS security and MDM features, new APIs and other functionality will impact app development and deployment strategies inside the enterprise. However, as Chris points out, the OS and device choices still available mean that enterprises cannot afford to build an app deployment and security strategy around a single OS.

At the AirWatch user conference in Atlanta this week there was much talk about the challenges and costs of building apps for both Android and iOS devices and then having to secure those apps into a BYOD enterprise infrastructure. One, $15BN, retailer, with over 10,000 stores discussed how their first internal iOS app, which took 9 months for their team to develop, then had to be rebuilt, at greater effort for Android. Another manufacturing company discussed the increase in the range of apps they were able to provide their users, along with the increase in productivity they realized, as a result of adopting a BYOD strategy.

This week we also announced our partnership with AirWatch, which enables multi-device/OS secure mobile app generation, out-of-the-box. Apple is very popular in the enterprise, but Samsung, Motorola, HTC, BlackBerry, LG and others still combine to make up the majority of devices in the enterprise and Webalo for AirWatch supports iOS7, as well other device types and their operating systems.

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