Are outdated IT systems killing your business?

Jul 25, 2019 4:56:11 PM . Maryanne Steidinger

Perhaps it's not that these outdated IT systems are killing your business, as much as they are hampering your ability to take advantage of new technologies, new ways of doing business, and new methods of collaboration between your employees.

If you spend most of your IT time troubleshooting, developing, or stalling, you have outdated IT systems.

If you are working with outdated IT systems, you likely are spending most of your time 'shoring them up'--fixing broken code, cobbling together updates to meet the needs of your customers (the lines of business or your partners), and basically, acting like a software development house--without the adequate resources, deep application knowledge, and most importantly, manpower.

There's a train of thought that says that manufacturers or end users shouldn't be developing code--even though some folks feel that the only people that truly understand them are their own staff.  Software has progressed so much that it's highly unlikely your IT staff has the current skill set to be a developer--and you shouldn't be!  You should be using products that have no code or low code, so that you can be configuring, not coding.  In this way, you provide IT with a platform to build out their skills with projects designed to meet the needs of the business as it grows, versus trying to 'force fit' old or outdated software to cover needed functionality, applications and tasks.

However, there's hope.  There's a whole host of products that are called 'no code/low code' and they allow IT to do what is best for them & their 'clients'--develop applications specifically for the needs of the business. It puts the resources of IT into actively meeting the needs of the business versus troubleshooting. And, it provides a platform for future growth so that they aren't in the same state in 2, 3 or 5 years. 

Webalo is a leading provider of no-code development platforms.  We allow you to leverage your existing IT and software infrastructure (leveraging your business and operations applications) to build new, task-focused apps specifically to engage and inform your frontline workers.  So don't trash your old IT systems--use what you have and modernize them with Webalo.