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Understanding the Latest Supply Chain, Smart Manufacturing, and Workforce Management Trends

Posted by Julia Walsh on Oct 6, 2022 8:40:21 AM

Webalo reviews the key takeaways from the Gartner supply chain symposium/expo in June and September 2022, highlighting how  manufacturers can advance their supply chain optimization, smart manufacturing, and workforce management! 

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The Future of Frontline Manufacturing

Posted by Julia Walsh on Sep 22, 2022 12:24:00 PM

What should leaders do today to make their organizations and workforces future-ready?

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Bringing Agile to the Frontline in Manufacturing

Posted by Julia Walsh on Aug 11, 2022 6:25:43 AM

Agile methodologies originate from the software development sector, where development teams work in a more collaborative and cross-functional manner to deliver a product that is developed with an iterative approach and is continually improved to meet the requirements set out.

This is a methodology that is the exact opposite of the waterfall method of development, where an elaborate plan is established at the beginning based on user requirements and the project is executed by subject matter experts, the aim is to deliver a solution in one go with minimum possible change requests and by following the specs to the exact detail.

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