From Upstream to Midstream to Downstream: How Oil and Gas Companies Are Revolutionizing Their Workplace with Webalo

Nov 5, 2020 8:16:00 AM . The Webalo team

From upstream to midstream to downstream operations, oil and gas companies often house multiple facilities across hundreds of acres of land, making the idea of not only standardizing but digitizing processes seem difficult. Frontline workers are far out in different areas of the plants, sometimes away from any wireless connection, making it difficult to communicate work instructions, SOPs, and other task management requirements. Fortunately, Webalo enables oil and gas companies to transform their entire end-to-end process by providing a wide range of key capabilities all seamlessly tied together into a single platform.


When it comes to upstream oil and gas operations, reducing the potential for human error and increasing productivity are key priorities. Webalo allows management to not only manage, track, and monitor worker activities, but also enables real-time monitoring of operating costs at sites to help keep track of key metrics and eliminate unnecessary costs. Furthermore, Webalo considers the dangerous and often volatile environments within upstream oil and gas operations and provides robust safety management tools so you can have tighter management of frontline workforce activities and monitor key metrics from that data. With built-in geofencing and offline capability, the Webalo Platform tracks worker forms, SOPs, and work-orders and dynamically populates the necessary fields based on geolocation, even in areas of the facility with spotty network connectivity. These capabilities reduce duplications of work, enhance visibility, and help to ensure that upstream operations are conducted in an efficient, safe, and productive manner.


High-production midstream oil and gas facilities are dealing with enormous amounts of data coming in from different areas of the facility. A comprehensive, dynamic, and actionable way to visualize disparate data is critical to maintaining accurate and reliable dispersal of information. Webalo’s unique bi-directional capability allows the Platform to read, write, and update data from disparate sources and provide a ‘single pane of glass’ view, so you’re always connected to your data in a persona-based and dynamic view. Beyond integrations with various back-end data sources, many midstream oil and gas companies require workers to be completing foot patrols on high-cost, sometimes volatile processes that require various forms to be filled out with critical information. This manual process is not only time-consuming but leaves much room for human error, costing companies by way of downtime. With Webalo, you’re able to organize fieldwork, and also improve situational awareness, safety, and data collection reliability for field workers.


For downstream oil and gas facilities, it is critical to track early warning signs of failures. Webalo monitors the vast amounts of data associated with downstream operations by actually combining data and KPIs from multiple sources to provide actionable insights and allowing for early recognition of potential issues. Additionally, the Webalo Platform integrates with plant historians, giving downstream operations the ability to monitor and analyze time-series data from high-value pumping units. Beyond providing key metrics and information to keep your plant running smoothly, Webalo helps keep your workforce safe by means of digitizing common downstream activities such as manual inspections, SOP’s, and safety management events for structured transparency into workforce operations.


Webalo enables oil and gas companies to digitize their forms, workflows, SOPs, checklists, and more, and to create persona-based, actionable dashboards, KPIs, and reports. To track worker activity, a real-time task management environment is included, so frontline workers can stay engaged and on task.

The Webalo Platform is 100% focused on the industrial workforce, and with its unique bi-directional technology, the Platform equips oil and gas companies with various multidimensional capabilities, from enabling teams to carry out regulated inspections of pipelines to offering full offline and geofencing solutions for remote areas within your facility. Webalo can dynamically populate forms, all while seamlessly integrating with existing back-end data systems such as SAP and Oracle.

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