Learning Every Day

May 12, 2020 6:00:00 AM . Peter Price, CEO, Webalo

On September 10, 2001, I became a founder of my third software company. The next day, as I came to learn that the world had changed forever, I experienced one of the key lessons that many founders learn on their journey to build a new venture—despite what you think you know, there always comes a moment when you realize you know very little.

A couple of months ago I was in Atlanta meeting with Webalo clients and partners. There was, of course, much talk of COVID-19 and its oncoming impact, but we were still traveling, meeting, and behaving normally. When I flew back to Los Angeles though, I realized that once again the world had changed and, like the last time, I knew very little about how to deal with what was to come.

The last two months have gone by, though so much has happened that it seems much longer, and here at Webalo we’ve been learning every day—from our customers, from our partners, from our shareholders, from ourselves, from the broader global community and, most inspiringly, from the amazing people working on the frontlines of this pandemic to help others. Throughout this time, we’ve been asking ourselves—how can we help?

Our patented technology, with its Connected Digital Distancing™ capabilities, addresses the critical requirements for today’s pandemic—while providing a platform for the future—enabling safe and efficient ongoing plant operations. Connected Digital Distancing ensures that person-to-person interactions and paperwork are either reduced to a minimum or eliminated completely.

The Webalo Platform can be implemented on the frontlines to digitize healthcare workers with everything from tracking bed usage, ventilators, and masks to mobilizing checklists, forms and standard operating procedures which eliminates paperwork, a potentially toxic surface, and enables safe distancing in the workplace. We can also help to increase manufacturing efficiency at the plants that will be producing the supplies needed for the ongoing fight against COVID-19, like the PPE that healthcare workers require to stay safe as they risk their lives on the frontlines.

So, effective today, we are providing a free version of our platform to help the healthcare workers and other first responders, as well as the business community, anywhere in the world enable this “new normal” way of working.

Webalo StartNow!™ provides these capabilities, free of charge:

  • Checklists
  • Forms
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Approvals
  • Reports
  • Mobile, Desktop & Large Screen Display deployment
  • Cloud availability

You can visit Webalo StartNow! and sign up to try out our new free service today.

We’re also announcing two more versions of the Webalo Platform, Webalo Workforce™ for larger teams, and Webalo Enterprise™ for deeper enterprise data integration.

You can learn more about these versions here.

These are challenging, let’s face it, crazy times for all of us. Here at Webalo we are humbled every day by the amazing responses we’re seeing from the healthcare workers and other first responders that are fighting this pandemic in very trying circumstances. We’re pleased to be able to provide some level of support to these critical efforts, as well as being able to support the broader business community as it transitions into this new world.

Stay safe.

Peter Price, CEO