Webalo Announces the Release of the Webalo 7.0 Platform

Jan 17, 2022 10:04:15 AM . Maryanne Steidinger

Webalo is pleased to announce the availability of Webalo 7.0, the latest version of their transformative platform for the empowerment frontline workforce. Webalo 7.0 features groundbreaking enhancements to its award-winning Platform, with features specifically designed to engage, support, motivate, train, and retain the industrial frontline workforce.  Webalo 7.0 enables companies to improve quality, ensure safety, reduce downtime and delays, optimize their frontline processes using real-time data and ultimately increase productivity and efficiency.

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In today's world, industrial companies must function within increasingly complex environments. There are ever-expanding expectations for higher levels of service while maintaining lower costs. The reality of the workplace is making it harder to retain, and even harder to replace their industrial workforce, who are critical to a company's operational success.

As Peter Price, Webalo's CEO says, "Our mission is to empower the people who work on the frontlines of industry to be their companies' driving force for success, while making their lives simpler and safer. We are excited to introduce Webalo 7.0 so that we can now fill the gap between the frontline workforce and the existing technology stack, to help companies meet their need to perform with zero margin for error in their daily operational execution. We do this by efficiently managing events across all areas of business operations, and by empowering the workforce to execute their jobs effectively and safely."

For more information on Webalo 7.0, please read the press release here.