Webalo Continues Market Momentum for Frontline Workforce

Feb 11, 2020 7:00:00 AM . Maryanne Steidinger

On February 6, 2020 we issued a press release highlighting our progress on Frontline Workforce enablement.  We started this initiative in January 2019--so it's been a full year of recognizing the needs of those task workers that require a paperless workday to complete their jobs, whether it's executing a quality test, checking the status of equipment on the line, or conducting necessary procedures such as shift changeovers, schedule changes or clean in place  processes.

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Webalo’s core competencies—no-code app generation, actionable visualization and task-oriented, native mobile capabilities—enable a simple and rapid digital transformation process for frontline workers in industrial companies. Focusing on the industrial frontline workforce, where quality, productivity and employee engagement are all critical business metrics, has rapidly accelerated Webalo’s market traction in mid-size to Fortune 500 companies, particularly in the consumer packaged goods, discrete manufacturing, energy, food and beverage, mining and transportation industries.

“Technology suppliers such as Webalo are developing actionable, bi-directional, persona-based apps designed to help meet the information needs at all levels of industrial organizations,” noted ARC Advisory Group’s Ed O’Brien in his white paper on Webalo.  “These apps are designed to help the frontline workforce become more efficient and effective.”

Focusing on the industrial frontline workforce, for us, centers on productivity: checklists, forms and workflows, to standardize processes and accelerate collaboration. We offer Connected Worker and Control Tower functionality to create the backbone for ‘institutionalizing’ best practices, standard operating procedures and reinforcing good operations practices within industrial organizations. 

As Webalo's CEO, Peter Price states: “It’s exciting to see our vision of the Connected Worker being adopted among leading global, multi-site industrial organizations.”  He adds “The Webalo Platform, which generates these Connected Worker apps, is very simple; it’s fast and provides an immediate ROI. The result for Webalo is that by providing our customers with Digital Transformation at its most impactful scale, but without the time, effort & cost of traditional transformation projects, we’re experiencing major growth and adoption.”

To read more about Webalo's momentum, the entire press release can be accessed here.