Webalo partners with HCL to accelerate rollout of Webalo Platform


Webalo partners with HCL to accelerate rollout of Webalo Platform benefiting industrial and manufacturing companies around the world.


I’m very excited to announce the launch of a global strategic partnership with HCL Technologies, providing enterprises with both delivery and support at scale for their frontline workforce digitization initiatives.  

Associated with the launch of our global partnership, HCL is rolling out a new offering: HCL Workflow Digitization Solution—powered by Webalo. 

The new HCL Industry 4.0 offering optimizes frontline workforce business process management and accelerates digital transformation across organizations. 

There’s a critical, and still unmet, need for a change that enables businesses to easily connect the workforce and digitally manage their processes to respond to events more effectively. There’s also the need to capture critical data that will enable operations to utilize their assets and operations datatogether with their workforce datato maximize the impact of the workforce and drive operational efficiency. If they are to operate effectively, managers and supervisors of the business operations need to know what the workforce is doing, and what the status of the operation and its assets are, in real time. 

They are always concerned with understanding if they are operating to plan, and what the efficiency of the operation is, and then being able to make operating decisions depending on whether they are on or off the plan. 

Similarly, the workforce needs to be in the right place at the right time, equipped with the information necessary via mobile devices to resolve issues as quickly as possible. To address these operational issues, Webalo’s Frontline Workforce Optimization Platform leverages existing investments in operational processes and backend systems to enable companies to maximize capacity and execute to plan by:

  • Digitizing operational workflows to ensure real-time, site-wide awareness of and immediate response to operating issues 
  • Equipping the workforce with digital, mobile, standard operating procedures, instructions, manuals and other key operating tools, as well as enabling mobile connectivity with multiple enterprise and industrial backend systems for effective response to operational issues and improved workforce productivity 
  • Visualizing workforce operations data with plant operations and asset data in real time, so that the management, the supervisors and the workers always know what is happening and what they need to do to keep their operations on track, ensuring production goals are met.

The HCL Workflow Digitization Solution is powered by Webalo’s Enterprise Platform capabilities, leveraging HCL’s expertise in delivering and supporting large-scale digital transformation projects. Our shared vision of delivering high-value, impactful solutions to industrial organizations facilitates HCL’s efforts to modernize the frontline workforce and drive continuous operational improvement.

This partnership was developed with the HCL Industry 4.0 team, led by Chetan Desai, Global Head of Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation. Chetan recently commented to me that “Webalo’s workforce business process management fills a void not currently solved by HCL or other technology vendors and that the platform provides significant value to end users in a matter of weeks.”

For more information on the Webalo Platform for Frontline Workforce Optimization, please visit www.webalo.com. For more information on HCL Technologies, please visit www.hcltech.com.