What is Connected Digital Distancing™?

Oct 14, 2020 9:26:06 AM . The Webalo team

With the ongoing crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic, Webalo's Connected Digital Distancing™ technology enables frontline workers with real-time, actionable access to data on their mobile devices from anywhere, so they can be safe and informed in their work environments.

Webalo’s Connected Digital Distancing™ technology is connected worker technology which allows for social distancing requirements to be met as frontline workers adjust to the implementation of new operating procedures. Gartner’s research suggests that, despite extreme challenges, the crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic is an opportunity for organizations to create a strategic plan for the future, where IT and business operations team up to work collaboratively so organizations can successfully navigate the accelerating pace of innovation. Webalo’s Connected Digital Distancing™ technology digitally integrates the workforce, with the business processes and the core operational systems and infrastructure to ensure that companies can maintain real-time operational integrity across all areas of business operations.

Connected Digital Distancing™ Enables Remote Work

With management teams being required to be able to operate remotely at this time, Webalo’s native mobile platform provides secure, scalable, actionable, and personalized access to the enterprise and industrial systems that individual users need to interact with. Webalo eliminates the need for complex interactions typically requiring users to use VPNs and navigate through multiple menus and screens, with a “single-pane-of-glass interface to just the tasks and activities they need to focus on to get their job done.

Connected Digital Distancing™ Provides Operational Visibility

Real-time, actionable, and responsive visibility on the status of the workforce and the broader workplace is critical to maintaining productive operations. Webalo’s Control Tower applications provide real-time visibility on the status of the workforce, their tasks and activities, and provides responsive notifications and alerts so that everyone knows the current status of business operations at all times.

Connected Digital Distancing™ Enables Safe Shift Changes

Webalo digitizes the end-to-end shift handover process to minimize person-to-person interactions between shifts. Webalo accomplishes this by capturing the key KPIs directly from the relevant data sources, and allowing the shift team to add pictures, videos, and notes ensuring the shift handover is carried out efficiently.

Connected Digital Distancing™ Eliminates Paper-based Forms

Webalo enables a paperless workday for the workforce by easily digitizing checklists, forms, and standard operating procedures. Webalo also manages the multi-dimensional workflows required to execute the end-to-end processes tied to these digital forms, ensuring that person-to-person interactions are minimized and the potential disastrous effects of the pandemic are eliminated in the workplace.

Connected Digital Distancing™ Automates Production Schedules

Ensuring plants are always operating on the right production schedule at the right time is a key operating requirement for businesses. Webalo integrates with production planning back-end systems so frontline workers can always have their hands on updated, real-time production schedules reducing downtime due to production errors.

Connected Digital Distancing™ Reduces Receiving & "Permitting" Interactions

Ensuring secure access to the plant, minimizing external vendor plant movement, and eliminating paperwork are critical requirements in today’s operating environment. Webalo’s Connected Digital Distancing™ technology digitizes plant entry, materials receiving, plant paperwork, and automates the reconciliation process with the back-end ERP systems from vendors like Microsoft, Oracle and SAP.

Webalo’s Connected Digital Distancing™ technology provides organizations with the rapid-implementation tools they need to prepare their frontline workers for the “new normal.” With the added advantage of increased productivity and workplace safety, moving toward a digitized workforce has never been easier, safer, and more accessible.

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