Answering Two Vital Questions: Why the Connected Worker? And How?

Mar 1, 2023 7:43:38 AM . Julia Walsh

Deloitte defines a connected worker as any person whose working life is changing due to digital and other technologies.

The Year Ahead: Decoding 2023 for Manufacturers

Feb 20, 2023 1:14:00 PM . Julia Walsh

Strategic Digitization Investments and Workforce Intelligence Solutions for More Digital and Resilient Operations

2022 was a far better year for manufacturers than the preceding two years. But as the world emerges from the pandemic, 2023 is staring down the barrel of a global recession, increasing market volatility, and workforce churn. Manufacturers already understand the value of digitization and the promise it brings. The challenges 2023 poses will determine whether or not the investments they have already made are the right ones. 2023 will also determine what new investments they must make to ensure that digitization is completed end to end and encompasses their biggest asset: their workforce.

The Connected Logistics Frontline: A New Frontier for Manufacturers: Part 2

Feb 16, 2023 11:14:00 AM . Julia Walsh

Understanding the challenges of connecting outbound and inbound logistics activities while connecting the frontline with the rest of the enterprise and making the most of digitization tools: Part 2

The initial post in this series explained how the warehouse-management landscape is changing and why considering logistics within this paradigm shift is important for manufacturers. As manufacturers pursue digital transformation, they often prioritize certain use cases and start with the areas most in need of digital tools before working toward lesser-priority items. When following this strategy, they often end up with complex IT infrastructures with multiple software applications and platforms, defeating the original purpose of digital transformation and replacing old legacy point solutions with shiny new ones.