Empowering Frontline Workers: The Crucial Role of Connected Worker Platforms in Discrete Manufacturing

Oct 31, 2023 8:03:36 AM . Julia Walsh

Webalo's Connected Worker Platform catalyzes efficiency and excellence in manufacturing, optimizing key operational areas with precision.

In the dynamic landscape of Industry X.0 (IX), Connected Worker initiatives have emerged as key strategic endeavors, rivaling even the adoption rates of Connected Operations, Assets, and Products. This shift underscores the essence of IX as a comprehensive business transformation fueled by technology, which demands an approach that melds technology with the human element, process optimization, and adept change management.

Boosting Frontline-Workforce Productivity in a Digital Workplace

Oct 24, 2023 9:43:34 AM . Julia Walsh

With an estimated 2.8 billion people engaged in frontline jobs, it is imperative that companies look toward digitalization to improve frontline productivity. When frontline workers are given a thoughtful and strategic mix of technology to perform their jobs, productivity is estimated to increase by 22% on average (Deloitte).

Understanding the Status Quo:

In a recent post, Deloitte explained how companies have failed to do right by their frontline workforces when compared to their hybrid and more white-collar employees. Only 23% of frontline workers believe that they have access to the technology they need to be productive, and 80% of frontline employees say that their company provides few connection opportunities at work. This data clearly indicates that frontline workers feel their companies can do more by providing them with the right digital tools to do their jobs better, faster, and, most importantly, with increased productivity.

Work Beyond 2023

Oct 17, 2023 5:44:26 AM . Julia Walsh

Work Beyond 2023

An analysis of a Harvard Business Review post that examines nine key trends that will shape work in 2023 and beyond!

Employers are facing multiple workforce-management challenges and are having difficulties coming up with novel strategies to attract and retain top talent. Gartner published a report highlighting the nine trends that will shape work in the future. Refer to Figure 1, below.