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Accelerating Digital Transformation of the Frontline Workforce- Why Should you Partner with Webalo?

As industrial and energy market incumbents rebound from Covid, digital transformation has become a key pathway for companies to build resilience to risks and ensure business continuity. To that end, many enterprises have sought to simplify their technology (tech) stack from the ISA-95 (Purdue) model to a leaner tech stack in which real-time process automation can thrive. This means the impetus on having data engineering, management, and analytics-- that is, a data-oriented business model as the business driving force-- has become a top priority. As part of this permanent shift, enterprises must also seek to accelerate digital transformation of their frontline workforce and related operational processes to realize higher efficiency gains, if not implemented already. By doing so, enterprises will gain operational intelligence through the frontline workforce, meaning all events associated with the workforce can be tracked, managed, and optimized for performance improvements and productivity gains.

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A Modern Workforce is a Mobile Workforce

Posted by Lew Roth, VP Customer Success on Feb 21, 2022 6:00:00 AM

Mobile is becoming not only the new digital hub, but also the bridge to the physical world. That’s why mobile will affect more than just your digital operations- it will transform your entire business.”

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A Future-ready Workforce Requires Skill Building at Scale

Posted by Bryan Weaver on Feb 1, 2022 6:00:00 AM

"Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning is young." Henry Ford.

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