Evolving Competitiveness: Webalo's Connected Worker Platform Revolutionizes Enterprise Efficiency

Jan 18, 2024 12:15:51 PM . Julia Walsh

In today's fast-paced business landscape, digitization is an on-going journey that demands continuous analysis, optimization, and adaptability. Webalo ensures sustained competitiveness through ongoing process enhancement by accelerating the deployment of digital solutions.

The Speed of Digital Evolution

Webalo redefines the conventional pace of deploying digital solutions. It's not just about initial digitization; it's a perpetual drive toward optimizing business processes with real-time frontline workforce data. With Webalo, enterprises experience an unprecedented surge in the implementation and integration of digital solutions, ensuring swiftness and agility in responding to evolving market needs.

8 Principles of Operational Excellence

Dec 4, 2023 9:52:39 AM . Julia Walsh

Webalo's Connected Worker Platform Aligned with Pillars of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) for Industry 4.0 

Industry 4.0 runs on high-quality frontline workforce data about standard and non-standard operations captured from manufacturing plant floors. 

Webalo’s Connected Worker Platform promotes operational excellence by capturing frontline workforce data across operations and combining it with IT and OT data in the Webalo Workforce Intelligence Center to develop standardized work processes and drive increased productivity in significant alignment with the eight familiar pillars of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM). 

Pillar by Pillar, here is how this alignment can occur: 


Unlocking Workforce Development with Lean Manufacturing Practices and Webalo

Nov 14, 2023 12:15:00 AM . Julia Walsh

In manufacturing the conventional notion of jobs as monotonous and unglamorous has been a persistent challenge, especially in attracting today's college students.

However, a profound insight from Gemba Academy unveils a transformative perspective on lean manufacturing practices. Far from just being profit-driven, lean principles foster a positive work culture, a cornerstone of sustainable workforce development. In today's uncertain industrial landscape, this approach proves vital in the quest to entice and retain new talent.