Enabling digital transformation for your frontline workers

Aug 13, 2019 8:38:00 AM . Peter Price, CEO, Webalo

Visit an industrial plant - a mine, power generation plant or manufacturing facility for example - and automation, mechanical and digital, is everywhere. Millions of dollars are invested in machinery, robotics, enterprise and industrial software systems that run and operate a plant. However, chat with the workforce, the frontline workers themselves, and you’ll find that they’re largely disconnected from all of this automation – when they do their job, it's paper, voice or experience-based and rarely digitized.

Webalo Announces v5.0 for Frontline Workforce Productivity

Feb 19, 2019 5:05:52 PM . Maryanne Steidinger
Keeping pace with frontline worker needs, Webalo's version 5.0 brings new features to specifically address Line of Business operations, increasing business productivity, improving operational efficiency, accelerating time to market and improving customer and workforce satisfaction.

Home Depot Grower Smith Gardens Empowers its Frontline Workforce with Webalo

Jan 18, 2019 8:28:52 AM . Maryanne Steidinger

It's always exciting to announce a new customer, but with Smith Gardens, it adds a new dimension to Webalo's no-code app generation platform: meeting the needs of a complex supply chain and supporting a frontline workforce with a mobile application that will improve their customer service, reduce overstock and inventory shortfalls, and proactively manage stocking levels and movements.

Smith Gardens is a 117-year-old family-run wholesale grower. They grow annuals and perennials for home improvement centers and mass-merchant retailers, such as the Home Depot and Lowe's, in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska and Western Canada.  Their "always growing, always learning" philosophy drove their selection of Webalo as a technology platform for improving their supply chain performance from seed to sale.